Thursday, October 28, 2010

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For as long as I can remember I have loved jewellery, hair pieces and all things deemed an ACCESSORY! I love finding unique pieces and love anything with a vintage flair.  It wasn’t until our own wedding that I fell in love with feathers and I quickly found out I was not the only one!  Now, I am happily creating customized pieces for weddings with the finest quality materials.  Here are some of my latest designs!!  If you know someone interested in feather bouquets, hairpieces, veils or belts for their wedding, I can be contacted via email or call 306-291-9598 for more information.

Friday, October 8, 2010

To be, or not to be: no longer a question!

I watched Jule&Julia last night and realized that I deserved a big fail for my blogging attempts.  I was amazed at Julie's commitment to cooking and blogging, so I will attempt blogging first, since cooking is my Sister's forte.  
Karyn Kimberley Photography
Hair:Lara Dennis
Makeup: Lisa Hallam
Stylist: Marla Boyer
I will choose to link the lack of blogging to being busy, and I have been extremely busy (which is a great thing).  This past spring an extremely talented photographer friend of mine, Karyn Kimberley asked me to come along to style a model (Mandyy March) photo shoot!  I had an awesome day with the Sessions Photography and Image group and it turned into a gig styling the Midtown Plaza Fall Advertising campaign!  Yesterday, I styled the Midtown Christmas campaign and I am excited to see the ads around Saskatoon in November.

Karyn Kimberley Photography
Hair:Lara Dennis
Makeup: Lisa Hallam
Stylist:  Marla Boyer

En Vogue Photography
Hair & Makeup: Angles Salon
Stylist:  Marla Boyer
In my 29 years, I have been told (from numerous friends) that I should be doing something 'creative'.  Our Wedding was not only the greatest day of my life, but it also allowed me to be a crafter, stylist and designer all in one.  I put my heart, soul and creative mind into the entire day-- from styling the beautiful bridal party to designing a unique wedding alter that I had dreamt about. It was a stressful year, but a great year and I finally listened to my friends and my own heart and ventured out of my corporate comfort zone! 

I searched for the perfect Jewellery for each attendant.  Kim's neckalce came from They Bay.
Feather Boutonnieres for the guys
I like to wrap with beautiful ribbon
and added the first initials of each Bridesmaid

I printed our logo on bags for the candy buffet and made these cones with scrap book paper.  

My jewels consisted of:
Banana Republic earrings, cuff from Frakas, a vintage brooch from my mom & hair pins from The Bay
The picture doesn't do it justice, but I made a wedding wish tree from
Manzanita branches, recycled damask paper & jewels from Michaels.

So now that the wedding is over, I am looking for more Styling opportunties and focused on my next creative endeavour...stay tuned!