Friday, October 8, 2010

To be, or not to be: no longer a question!

I watched Jule&Julia last night and realized that I deserved a big fail for my blogging attempts.  I was amazed at Julie's commitment to cooking and blogging, so I will attempt blogging first, since cooking is my Sister's forte.  
Karyn Kimberley Photography
Hair:Lara Dennis
Makeup: Lisa Hallam
Stylist: Marla Boyer
I will choose to link the lack of blogging to being busy, and I have been extremely busy (which is a great thing).  This past spring an extremely talented photographer friend of mine, Karyn Kimberley asked me to come along to style a model (Mandyy March) photo shoot!  I had an awesome day with the Sessions Photography and Image group and it turned into a gig styling the Midtown Plaza Fall Advertising campaign!  Yesterday, I styled the Midtown Christmas campaign and I am excited to see the ads around Saskatoon in November.

Karyn Kimberley Photography
Hair:Lara Dennis
Makeup: Lisa Hallam
Stylist:  Marla Boyer

En Vogue Photography
Hair & Makeup: Angles Salon
Stylist:  Marla Boyer
In my 29 years, I have been told (from numerous friends) that I should be doing something 'creative'.  Our Wedding was not only the greatest day of my life, but it also allowed me to be a crafter, stylist and designer all in one.  I put my heart, soul and creative mind into the entire day-- from styling the beautiful bridal party to designing a unique wedding alter that I had dreamt about. It was a stressful year, but a great year and I finally listened to my friends and my own heart and ventured out of my corporate comfort zone! 

I searched for the perfect Jewellery for each attendant.  Kim's neckalce came from They Bay.
Feather Boutonnieres for the guys
I like to wrap with beautiful ribbon
and added the first initials of each Bridesmaid

I printed our logo on bags for the candy buffet and made these cones with scrap book paper.  

My jewels consisted of:
Banana Republic earrings, cuff from Frakas, a vintage brooch from my mom & hair pins from The Bay
The picture doesn't do it justice, but I made a wedding wish tree from
Manzanita branches, recycled damask paper & jewels from Michaels.

So now that the wedding is over, I am looking for more Styling opportunties and focused on my next creative endeavour...stay tuned!


  1. i love blogs!! yay!! adding you to my list!

    i saw amber last weekend and told her that i was obsessed with your wedding pics, so excited about your blog about style...super appropriate!

    come on over to my pointless blog anytime! xo

  2. I agree with everyone else, you are definitely incredibly talented with your creativity! LOVED everything you did at your wedding! Gorgeous!
    Good luck in your next adventure :)

    Danielle C

  3. I love your blog Marla, You have quite a gift of talent, my dear niece.
    i was at your wedding so i have proof of what you can do...totally awesome!!!!
    A business SIGHTFORSTYLE designs...Amazing!!!!
    you have what it takes girl!!! so go for it all the way.
    Congrats and Good Luck!!!
    Aunty Diane