Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Feathers!

My last entry was at the beginning of the new year and my resolution was to stay committed to blogging...well there goes that resolution now that is is February!  It's like those people who go to the gym in January out of guilt and then trail off the workouts until they don't exist (actually I am on of those people too!) 

So it's February and that means the wedding of a lovely Bride I met last fall is just around the corner!  Here is a Sneak Peak at Naomi & Ryan's custom designs!  I was very inspired by the beautiful memorial charms Naomi had made by Designs by Tami.  I searched for a Vintage-inspired necklace (I heart vintage) to re-work as a complement to  the charms.  I love how it turned out and she will have those tokens, along with her Bouquet as an everlasting memory of her big day!  Congrats!


Feather & Crystal Brooch Corsage on pearl cuff  

more to come after the wedding :)
xoxo -M

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